Confidential Data Center Location & Qualification Services

Operation Colocation® is an international information technology consulting firm that specializes solely in the confidential identification and qualification of data center facilities and services in accordance with your firm's specific requirements.

Helping clients of all sizes and industries from around the globe, Operation Colocation® has partners, operatives, and functionaries in hundreds of locations among six continents. Our partners specialize in a vast variety of offerings ranging from superlative to superlative on the data center solutions complexity spectrum.

On this site you will not see any flashy color pictures of aisles of racks of servers with blinking lights or of the inside of data centers.  If you're on the Operation Colocation® website, you already know what a data center is.  You also won't see any blinking toll-free phone numbers trying to tempt you to whimsically contact us.  That is not our goal as our service is not for the easily impressed.  No frills here... Just performance.

Please take a moment to review the helpful information contained in the menu areas of this site.  We provide a clear overview of our: Mission, Executive Team, Areas of Specialization, Regions of Service, Strict Confidentiality Policy, Firm Stance on Neutrality, Gratis Offering, Partnering Programs, and International Scholarships Program.

You may contact us directly via phone at 1.480.970.8989, or online through our simple form submission on our Contact Page.  Our email responses are not auto-generated. One our our team members will contact you personally and with alacrity. Our responsiveness is world class and you will find that our ongoing communication throughout each phase of every engagement is beyond impressive.  

Subsequent to the provision of a mutual non-disclosure agreement between our firms, we begin each engagement with an in-depth needs assessment. From this assessment we can provide you with an accurate forecast of the time requirements for each step of the engagement timeline. Time-zone differences and the complexity of your firm's requirements will obviously be contributing factors in the length of each step of the engagement.

After viewing this site, you and your firm will have a strong grasp of the value that Operation Colocation® provides to both its clients, and its partners. 

We look forward to working with you.