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The smartest people in the information technology industry today always end up being the same people who admit that they do not know everything.  They keep their minds open to gaining insight and advisement from those who live on the cutting edge of their expertise, as well as those who know the core principles of good project management.  Accordingly, and the truth is indisputable, clients seeking data center solutions often need to consult industry experts in determining the best strategies for their firm.

Here at Operation Colocation, we are constantly approached by clients needing highly competent and completely impartial sources of advisement on what seems to be an endless number of topics.  Thus, rather than host our own blog, we deemed it to be optimal to defer the sources of our blog’s content to our trusted Solutions Providers and Partner Vendors who specialize in various areas of data center services provision and solutions consulting.

Accordingly, as we provide solutions on six continents, we will be posting content contributed by our partners and vendors who are located around the globe.  We are confident that you will find the postings here to be insightful and assistive in your search for the perfect data center solution.

Furthermore, if you are not yet a partner of ours (Data Center Provider, Solutions Consulting Firms, or IT Industry Vendor) and would like to be, please visit our Partner Page.  We would welcome the opportunity to have you share your expertise with the global IT community.