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Our mission is to provide our clients expert, timely, unbiased, and totally confidential service that will save them time, money, and frustration.

Our mission also includes symbiotically providing professional assistance to our data center & solution partners with the utmost integrity and complete neutrality.

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Oscar Black, PhD

Chief Technology Officer
Professor Emeritus

Dr. Black has been in the technology consulting industry for over 35 years.  He has consulted with information technology engagements of all levels of secrecy across numerous major verticals including: Federal Government, Aerospace, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Higher Education, Banking & Finance, and High-Tech Manufacturing.  In addition to serving honorably as an officer in the U.S. Armed Forces, he holds his B.S. from the University of Illinois, an M.S. from Santa Clara University, and his PhD from the Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University where he subsequently taught as a Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science for nearly three decades.  He has taught thousands of students from numerous countries around the globe who now are entrepreneurs, professionals, and executives in successful technology careers on six (sometimes seven) continents.

William Pitts, Esq.

Chief Legal Officer

Mr. Pitts has a serious and well-deserved esteemed reputation in the international real estate legal community.  In addition to the successful operation of his international law firm, Pitts & Pitts, he has hallmark credentials in advising numerous real estate firms in their successful endeavors from perspectives of both operational perfection and profitability.  He holds his Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland College Park in Political Science and his Juris Doctorate from the Gonzaga University School of Law.

Matthew Burkett

Chief Security Officer

An internationally recognized authority in secure site/facility vulnerability assessment & certification, Burkett is a Seven-Time MGM IronMan Overall Champion.  His credentials include being a multiple World and European Three Gun Champion.  Accordingly, he was also the 2003 National IDPA ESP Champion.  His world-class shooter status has assisted the ranks of the U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Navy SEALs, the FBI, and numerous State & Municipal Police teams in achieving the highest tactical performance standards.  The owner of Predator Tactical, he is recognized as an expert in weapon tuning, training, and tactical techniques.    Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, his firm has trained over 12,000 students in 22 countries.

Stephen Tripp

Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Tripp has an extensive background in both international real estate and international marketing.  In additional to successfully operating his own marketing firm for nearly two decades, he has helped numerous real estate firms in several countries sustainably grow their practices in measurable metrics of both market share and profitability.  An expert in guerilla marketing, his expertise also includes internet, print, radio, and broadcast media.  He holds his B.A. with honors from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication with a focus in Broadcast Journalism.

Sam Blackledge

Global Channels & Alliances

Entering the Information Technology arena in 1996, Mr. Blackledge has consulted across all verticals with firms of all sizes ranging from start-ups to some of the largest corporations in the world. His expertise in Channels & Alliances Management has truly allowed for Operation Colocations' clients to benefit from access to a world-class international portfolio of facilities and professional services.  With truly an international focus, he has assembled academic credentials from three continents.  An expert in international protocol, he holds a B.A. with honors from Arizona State University’s College of International Letters & Cultures with a focus in Japanese Language and East-Asian Studies.  He holds a second B.A. with honors from Arizona State University’s Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication with a focus in International Public Relations.  Also from his undergraduate studies, he holds a Certificate of Completion from the Kansai University of Foreign Studies in Hirakata, Japan with a focus of Pacific Rim Business Strategies.  His graduate credentials include a Master of Business Administration from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State with a focus in International Marketing which includes a foreign program of study with Ecole Superieure de Commerce in Toulouse, France.

Craig Saager

Director of Sales
U.S. & Canada

Mr. Saager has been successfully building and leading sales teams in the information technology sales arena since 1995.  His expertise in the Federal Government, State & Local, Higher Education, Financial Services, and HC/LS verticals has proven invaluable in helping OPERATION COLOCATION effectively assist clients of all sizes from across this spectrum.  With his background in the information technology solutions arena beginning in award-winning performances, Craig also holds a B.S. from the Eller School of Management at The University of Arizona in Tucson.