All of us here at Operation Colocation are well aware and appreciative of all that our advanced educations have provided us.  As well, we, our partners, and our clients share a common concern that some students, despite their brilliant minds, are unable to advance in their academic careers due to financial constraints.

Accordingly, in an effort to make a difference, an equal percentage of the proceeds from every engagement is allocated to our Annual Scholarship Fund.  Each year, Operation Colocation® is to award two scholarships: one domestic, one international.

Through this scholarship program, the Operation Colocation® team strives to help make a difference in the academic careers of two students each year who are truly ambitious and dedicated to pursuing an arduous and rewarding academic journey.

Helping these students to fulfill both their dreams and their destinies in professions within the amazing global information technology sector, Operation Colocation® , our Partners, and our Clients will help make a difference.

For more information about this program, please email us at: [email protected]