FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt) is an IT industry acronym for all the negative hype that solution providers use to try to better position their offerings against those of the competition.  If a solutions provider can cast Fear, Uncertainty, or Doubt in the minds of their prospects about the offering of a competitor, the solutions provider feels they have better positioned their own offering. No surprise here really, FUD occurs in almost every industry. Some is factual, some is not...  But, how do you know the difference?

Engaging with Operation Colocation® allows your firm to navigate above all the FUD and provides you only with accurate and relevant information on which to base your selection analysis.  Every engagement with Operation Colocation® begins with a thorough needs assessment.  The assessment clearly identifies what facility and service factors are critical to your initiatives and eliminates the potential for your judgement to be clouded by FUD.

Upon the completion of your firm’s initial needs assessment, you will have a clear and appreciative understanding of the assessment’s value.