In alignment with out Mission Statement, Operation Colocation® observes a strict policy of Neutrality.  This policy is not merely hype.  It is real.  How could we serve the best interests of our clients if we were to favor one provider over another?  We couldn't.  Each provider has its own set of attributes that may be a great fit for one client, but not for another.

In support of this imperative, unlike other consulting firms in the Data Center Services arena, Operation Colocation® collects the same fee percentage from each of our partners on every engagement.  This policy helps ensure that our clients’ needs come first.  Imagine if the referral fee we received from one provider was twice that of another.

Accordingly, we have chosen to eliminate the 'Fee Factor' all together.  Rather, we focus on the holistic sum of each of our client's needs and narrow the selection process down to the best possible providers based on the providers’ proven attributes, not their incentives.

Additionally, this also helps our partners maintain confidence in our claim that their offering is truly being presented to our clients on a neutral and equal basis.

This policy pertains to Data Center, Colocation, Cloud Solutions, and Professional Services Providers.

We are confident that our sentiments on this matter are concurrent with those of both our clients and our partners.